Morning Tea at the Garden this Sunday May 17?

Hello Gardeners

We’ve had a few new members join up, at our open day and after. Welcome everyone! We’ve also had a few people put up their hands to help with compost making. That’s great news, since our regular compost collectors are mostly away at the moment, leaving only Linda, who can’t do the collection every week. If anyone else would like to help out, please let us know at . The job’s pretty simple – you simply take our big bins along to Cucina cafe and to the Flame Tree co-op, and decant their organic wastes into our bins, then bring the bins down to the garden, along with the cardboard from the co-op. The job can be done anytime the cafe is open (before 3 pm) on Friday or Saturday. (The co-op bins can be accessed in the laneway anytime).

Secret suburbs flyers_edited

We’ve got a presentation coming up at Secret Thirroul (download the flyer here – spread the word!) so we’d love some ideas of what to share about our lovely garden. Let’s discuss over a coffee at the garden tomorrow Sunday May 17 – around 10 am, after the compost turn. Bring coffee or a plate to share for morning tea.

See you down at the garden tomorrow – any time from 9am!

Cheers Julie


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