The Secret’s Out! Working bee this Sunday

Hello Gardeners!

Last Wednesday evening we participated in Wollongong Council’s new program “Secret Suburbs”. Eight groups from Thirroul and surrounds, including Thirroul Community Garden, got 6 minutes each to tell the audience about our groups.


David, Charlie and Emma engrossed in a garden discovery

Here’s one of the lovely photos of our garden I showed as part of our presentation. Thanks to all for your photos and suggestions about what to present. I’ll post the full presentation at a later date, when I return from a quick sojourn in the north.


I’m presently in sunny Queensland, (and tomorrow planning to visit the wonderful Northey Street City Farm, where our Kazie did her Permaculture Design Certificate some years ago). So I won’t be at the garden tomorrow, but the compost turn will go ahead as usual from 9 am, followed by some work on weeding and mulching the vegetable beds.

So come along and get involved! Don’t forget your hat, and your sturdy boots (it’s still quite muddy there up the back). Look out for Jenny and Kazie at the compost piles!

Cheers Julie





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