Cob oven for the garden

Hello Gardeners,

There has been talk about building a cob pizza oven at the garden over the summer months. I’ve been asked to let you know the materials required, to be gathered over the next few months.

  • Clay: The subsoil that many of you have in your backyards, neighbours excavations. Builders are have to get rid of it. Pick it up in lumps, bring it to the garden in buckets(the big ones). We can keep it there soaked and ready.
  • Sand: Beach, river, any……
  • Straw: We have a fair bit of that!
  • Water: That too!
  • Rocks: That too!
  • Empty Glass Bottles: For insulation
  • Pumice: from the beach also for insulation- collect as you go walking
  • Stone grindings (not essential) -from a stone cutting workshop
  • Fire bricks or old dry pressed bricks for the base cook surface.
  • Materials for a little roof covering- timber/tin or we could locate it under the cola.
  • Biggish Tarp
  •  buckets.
  • Small wading pool (feet wash off).
  • Drums or substitutes

Gatherings of people!! People to prepare food, people to play drums and people to play music, people to take their shoes off….. Children, teenagers, elderly …

Call me if you have any queries on this.Rhiannon 0467640833


2 responses to “Cob oven for the garden

  1. hello Julie. I’ve got some Yacon rhizomes to give I can’t give time to your wonderful work. Interested?

  2. Reblogged this on Thirroul Community Garden and commented:

    Gary has delivered some clay… already

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