Daily Archives: 10/04/2017


While I’ve remembered how to do this blogg thing……

You have probably noticed that a few of the chickens are moulting – they are ok- feathers will be back on by winter proper, egg production will go down.

One black chicken is broody- and looks terrible- not eating etc not sure what to do about her. I lift her off and put her near the food





Casual meeting

5.30pm Wednesday, 12th April @ 44 Moore Street, Austinmer

If anyone would like to come and share some food, and discuss garden issues, welcome.

On the agenda will be- the Environmental Trust Environmental Education Expression of interest, that SOL (mudfun) and the Uni put together. Relates to increasing activity at the garden

– the grassed verge that council manages

-a poo trip, chicken coop and other future projects…..

Rhiannon (0467640833)