Our Coffee Beans have been roasted!


We have about 300g of coffee from the two plants in the garden, which have gone through the long process from harvest to roasting. Certainly a learning curve for us.

Drew and Dave from Delano’s in Montague st, are excited to taste coffee produced locally and at low altitude.

If anyone can come today to taste the coffee at their cafe, call me. 0467640833 . I will bring the coffee to the garden to share. It would be great to brew it up on the rocket stove….


There are plenty of cherries on our two bushes, which will ripen in the next few months. Process:

  1. Harvest only the very deep red cherries, weekly for a few months. (Keep some aside for propagating).
  2. Soak -remove floaters,
  3. hull (Delanos have a little hand cranked machine),
  4. sun/air dry carefully, hull again (different machine) to remove parchment,
  5. test moisture content,
  6. roast.




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