Tuesday afternoon gardening : today’s activity


What’s happening at the Garden today?
From 3pm the gardeners will garden and cool off in the creek’s water hole that is now waist high thanks to the efforts of those that took out the rocks. Come try out the new waterhole and soak away the hot summer heat. Whether you are a SeaSharp singer or not you can either initiate a water hole singing session or listen to the local birdsong.
From 5.30 Matt and David will arrive with some cooked Garden Food.
From 5.30-7.30 there will be:
– food sharing
– clothes swap sharing costume partyish activities
– SPAT committee members announcements (Matilda)
– Sea Sharp Singers announcements.
– Honk announcements
– Non-announcements
– A reading by David Mitsak of a new spoken word art piece, to be performed on Australia Day and possibly others days and produced by Rhiannon Morgan of Honk, SPAT, TCG, SeaSharp Singers and SOL.  This performance piece includes a non-announcement one moment’s silence for anyone who has ever fallen.
-An emergency execution planning session for “The Great Musical Compostition” some time in the next several days while HONK fever is still here. (see below)
-A ten second count down at 7.29.50 to introduce a public performance piece called “The Thirty Second AGM” which is also a real attempt to complete a real AGM of a real Incorporated Association under NSW Department of Fair Trading, that has received real local, state and federal government funding. (AGM is for SOL independent cultural arts: not TCG!)
“The Great Musical Compostition” is where musicians, singers, gardeners, activists, thespians and others will compose and perform music dance and pedestrian congestion on the main street to promote community and let food business owners know that they can bring their scraps out for composting.


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