‘The Great Musical Compost-ition’ pilot

the great compostition 2 -first page

If you are not away this weekend, come along to participate in a a pilot for

‘The Great Musical Compost-ition’, (this sunday 27th Jan)’

It goes like this…. Meet at 10am, outside 44 Moore St, Austinmer for your instructions. We will video the cafe staff chopping veges and discarding scraps in the compost buckets. A few of us  will be planted in the cafes saying “here come the musicians- bring out the compost” Musicians will play (walk down from outside 44 to area in front of the cafes) and the bucket will be brought out to the footpath, a long line of people will then follow (from the little alley between) each with a bucket. We follow the musicians back up to where the ute is parked. Buckets are stacked in the ute. Done. Feel free to dance, have coffee or go for a well deserved swim.

Buckets will be taken to the garden. Keen gardeners will go on to turn the compost.

Call if you have any queries. 0467 640 833




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