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So many pumpkins harvested this year! Jap Butternut and Queensland Blue.

Donations of pumpkins to Community Groups were gratefully received:

S.P.A.T. for the dinner show ‘Love and Other Frustrations’: where pumpkin soup was the first course

Buxton Community Association- Pumpkin soup was made on the  rocket stove that they built, in their community garden:



Possible training session dates for those interested: either Wednesday 20th or Thursday 21st of this month, 11 am. Training Session 2hrs. The manual needs to be read first by all participants.

please let me know,



Rhiannon 0467640833 or

cool off

The creek now has a waterhole, making summer gardening pleasurable. The video can’t be uploaded here, so check the facebook site.

Thirroul Community Garden Entry Gates


TCG entry gates

Salvaged, designed, fabricated and installed by Andrew. Wonderful.

Annual General Meeting

At the Garden,

12 noon sunday 8th oct , after our normal activity, bring a plate. Heaps to talk about. If you haven’t been for a while, it would be great to see you.


Some Garden Planning



To make decision making and propagation planning easier, as well as clarity for visitors/harvesters and new members, here is a suggested rotation plan (8yr cycle) for the vegetable bed area between the panama berry & the herb beds.

Vines have been planted to the west of the beds as in the original plan


Garden Rotation








Rocket Coffee

With the help of Lucy Morgan and David Mitsak of SOL illawarra (MUD FUN) Mud Fun Australia the rocket stove Superefficient woodstoves has been resurrected.

Manned by Charlie and Emma on the rocket stove, we brewed our first batch of TCG coffee. Tasting was done with due tasting 1

The New Roost Room

Andrew has built an amazing portable chook coop, featuring ventilation, easy access for us humans, clip on wheels, 2 nesting boxes and separate roosts….. chickens were installed on Sunday and have settled in well.

Our Coffee Beans have been roasted!


We have about 300g of coffee from the two plants in the garden, which have gone through the long process from harvest to roasting. Certainly a learning curve for us.

Drew and Dave from Delano’s in Montague st, are excited to taste coffee produced locally and at low altitude.

If anyone can come today to taste the coffee at their cafe, call me. 0467640833 . I will bring the coffee to the garden to share. It would be great to brew it up on the rocket stove….


There are plenty of cherries on our two bushes, which will ripen in the next few months. Process:

  1. Harvest only the very deep red cherries, weekly for a few months. (Keep some aside for propagating).
  2. Soak -remove floaters,
  3. hull (Delanos have a little hand cranked machine),
  4. sun/air dry carefully, hull again (different machine) to remove parchment,
  5. test moisture content,
  6. roast.




While I’ve remembered how to do this blogg thing……

You have probably noticed that a few of the chickens are moulting – they are ok- feathers will be back on by winter proper, egg production will go down.

One black chicken is broody- and looks terrible- not eating etc not sure what to do about her. I lift her off and put her near the food