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Open Day Fun

We had a great time at our Open Day on September 23rd. Thanks to everyone who attended.

We would also like to send our sincere thanks to Peter Button for welcoming us on behalf of the Dharawal custodians of the land, and for his music.

Thanks to all of the other musicians who donated their time:

  • The Emma Kelley Trio: Bertie Mcmahon on bass, Patrick Kell on keys, Emma on Sax
  • Rockin’ Russ and Josh Smith (thanks Josh too for being the super-roadie! and thanks to a local Hotel  for loaning sound equipment)
  • China and his band:  China Pingnam bass, Andy Matthews guitar/vocals, Dave Deeds  drums

We would also like to thank the local businesses who donated bread rolls and sausages for our barbeque, and plants and tools for our herb spiral and garden.

And a huge thankyou also to our marvelous neighbours Anne and Trevor for donating the electricity and putting up with us – not just on the open day, but 24/7 supporters and guardians of our garden!

The materials for the herb spirals – the lucerne, straw, hay and cow manure – were purchased for us by Wollongong Council from a fund allocated to helping purchase resources for Wollongong community gardens. And huge thanks in particular to Vanessa John for not only informing us of this funding opportunity, but purchasing and arranging delivery of the materials direct to our site.

And last but not least the hard-working members of the Thirroul Gardeners (you know who you are! But a special shout out to event organizers including Kazie, Kade, Paul, Robert, Camille, Paddy, Julie, Jenny, Vicki, Alex, Colin, THANKS!) and their friends and family (Maree! Pete!, Mark, Yoshie, Karen!, Peter, Lisa, Lani, Stuart, and more!) who worked so hard to make this happen.

Photos by Camille

Get involved – Join A Garden Sub-committee

Spring is here there’s plenty to do, so its time to get some more hands on deck.

Now we have Team Leaders for our sub-committees we need you to get involved with an area of garden development that interests you.

If you live in the local area and neighbouring suburbs of Thirroul and would like to be involved in the grassroots development of the garden then please join one of the sub-committees below by emailing your details to :

Sub-Committee                               Team Leader

Fundraising and Events                                Kazie Bent

Bushcare                                                             Vicki Marchant

Water                                                                    Ian Miles

Documentation and Arts                              Camille Favoloro

Soil Health/ Compost                                    Paddy Lane 

Site Co-ordinator                                             Robert Haley

Education                                                            Paddy Lane

Communications and social media          Julie Reed 

Structures                                                           Andrew Saunders

Edible City – Film to watch

A film for you to watch and contemplate. Helping you to understand the impending global crisis – who controls the food and your nutrition.

Big Government will do what Big Business wants them to do – keep Big Farming alive. But on closer examination that Big System is falling apart at the very foundations – the soil itself.

Petroleum Companies supply Chemical companies that force feed mono-cultures with chemicals that ultimately destroy soil life and vitality which in turn produce food of poor nutritional value.

Please take time out from the mainstream to learn about whats going on today.

This film is about local communities taking control of the food they eat.

UPDATE – August – September 2012

Hello Gardeners,

August 26th saw a group of keen participants meet to discuss the garden site plan and plants ideas for the Southern half of our very extensive site at High St Reserve.
We now own and will soon erect an under cover area, called a Cola along with 2 water collection tanks due to be installed by end September all funded by a Government Grant.
There is much to get started and completed as we have set ourselves a target date of September 23rd Spring Equinox for an Open Day at the site with ceremonial garden bed building and planting. There are plans for food and a cake stall and please let us know if you can donate a cake or some time to help out. More info on this will be supplied in the coming weeks.
The aim is to build 3 herb spirals on the day – donations of materials and herb seedlings very much appreciated.
Please come along and meet the crew who have been working so very hard at getting this garden ” in the ground”. Information about memberships, Garden design and future activities will be available on the day, with committee members happy to talk about their experience and expectations of the Thirroul Community Garden Project.
Please take a look at some new pages listed here on the blog that show some of the work we have accomplished this month and also information about upcoming projects. We really need volunteers and new members to come on board to help make the garden a success. There is a lot to do and doing it together helps bond friendships and community.
Whats new under:
Planning and Design – Garden Design Plans, Stages Schedule, Materials List for Herb Spirals
Plant Notes – Ground Plan Plant List
ON SITE Every Sunday 9.30am – What you need to know
Regional Sustainability – Events and Education in the Region
Events – OPEN DAY September 22nd 2012

AGM Meeting Minutes July 29 2012

Better Late then never –

Click below to view PDF

AGM Minutes July 29 2012 

These are the new Committee Members and Sub-committee Officers:

Secretary                                                             Fiona Chanter 

Treasurer                                                            Paul Harradence

Chairperson                                                       Julie Reed

Fundraising and Events                                  Kazie Bent

Bushcare                                                             Vicki Marchant

Membership and Database                         Greg Robinson

Water                                                                    Ian Miles

(Greg Wilms and Colin La Flamme to assist)

Documentation and Arts                              Camille Favoloro

Soil Health/ Compost                                    Paddy Lane (Jenny Johnson)

Site Co-ordinator                                             Robert Haley

(coordinates planting, propagation )

Education                                                            Paddy Lane(Kaz assist)

Communications and social media          Julie Reed (Vicki Marchant to assist)

Structures                                                           Andrew Saunders

Compost Glorious Compost + Whiteboard Request + COLA update

Luscious Compost








It’s almost 2 weeks since we built the compost heap, and we’ll be meeting at the garden again this Sunday 9:30 to turn it again. Check out the photos from last week below!

Then the following Sunday, we’ll have our second planning session at Paddy’s house in Bulli (watch for details soon).  For that session, it would be great to have a whiteboard. Can anyone donate one? Please contact us at if you can.

And last but not least, an update on the COLA ! The materials will be delivered to the site the week of September 3, so we need some help in construction – preferably September 5, 6 or 7. CAN YOU HELP? Please contact our Construction co-ordinator Andrew – you can send a message to this address or contact Andrew directly. Not all heavy lifting, so if you can come along that would be great!

Vicki spreads mulch around the bushcare plantings

Jenny and Paul turning the compost

Come along to our first Design Workshop and AGM July 29

Please come along to plan our garden. Have your say! What’s on your wish list for our garden? Let’s visit the site, check out our domain, and start listing what we want to do where. Spring is not far away, let’s get ready to greet it and grow!

We’ll spend some time in the morning getting to know the site. Then we’ll move on to the neighbourhood centre to get to work on our wish list, and start mapping and designing our garden.

At the end of the day, from 1-2, we’ll have our first AGM, where we’ll decide fees, operating times, other necessary business, and elect our management committee for the coming year. (Please consider getting involved in driving this next phase! Nominations welcome!)

Site Visit: 9:30 – 10:15 am at the Garden: Corner of High Street Reserve and Lawrence Hargrave Drive (behind the “Welcome to Thirroul” sign)

Workshop: 10:30 am – 1 pm at the Ocean Breeze Room Thirroul District Community Centre (behind the Library)

AGM: 1- 2 pm Ocean Breeze Room.

Bring/ Wear: Sturdy footwear, sun (we hope, if not, then rain) and insect protection for the garden visit. BYO lunch. Tea, coffee, provided at the Ocean Breeze Room. Bring ideas, dreams, wish lists, friends, relatives, enthusiasm! Pencil and notepad/ camera/ books, plant lists, whatever you’ll find useful in our planning session.

See you there! If you can’t make it along to the whole day, no problem, come for as much as you can.

Download flyers for distribution here.

Information and inquiries,