Fun workshop on Saturday. It was a small, not too serious, gathering with music. We used materials we had on site (with the addition of a 1/2 tonne of sand). Inner shell of the mud oven is now complete….. It will dry slowly over the next week.

Next Saturday we will build the insulating layer, and prepare the outer shell mixture with  a MUD STOMP. We will have some food and music and light the rocket stove.

More spaces are available, should anyone like to come along. 3-6pm Sat 16, and again on the 23rd

We have a booklet to explain the construction process,  how to manage the fire, how to use a wood fire for baking, maintenance and recipes.


Some Garden Planning



To make decision making and propagation planning easier, as well as clarity for visitors/harvesters and new members, here is a suggested rotation plan (8yr cycle) for the vegetable bed area between the panama berry & the herb beds.

Vines have been planted to the west of the beds as in the original plan


Garden Rotation








creating raised planting beds: hugelkultur

A suggestion to help  improve growing conditions for our plants, particularly  the fruit trees, is to raise the planting level with the hugelkultur method. For us the main benefit would be improved drainage- but here are the other advantages: water retention;warmer soil; builds soil fertility; creates micro climates; recycles organic matter on site; less bending over.

hugelkultur for blogg 2
from ‘edible landscapes’

Kerryn and Peter have started a mound (swale) with a ditch behind to collect water run off, near the front gate. We can keep adding and increasing each week, ready for fruit tree planting……. we can probably go  higher with the one we have started. hugelkultur for blogg

Get involved – Join A Garden Sub-committee

Spring is here there’s plenty to do, so its time to get some more hands on deck.

Now we have Team Leaders for our sub-committees we need you to get involved with an area of garden development that interests you.

If you live in the local area and neighbouring suburbs of Thirroul and would like to be involved in the grassroots development of the garden then please join one of the sub-committees below by emailing your details to :

Sub-Committee                               Team Leader

Fundraising and Events                                Kazie Bent

Bushcare                                                             Vicki Marchant

Water                                                                    Ian Miles

Documentation and Arts                              Camille Favoloro

Soil Health/ Compost                                    Paddy Lane 

Site Co-ordinator                                             Robert Haley

Education                                                            Paddy Lane

Communications and social media          Julie Reed 

Structures                                                           Andrew Saunders