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Fun workshop on Saturday. It was a small, not too serious, gathering with music. We used materials we had on site (with the addition of a 1/2 tonne of sand). Inner shell of the mud oven is now complete….. It will dry slowly over the next week.

Next Saturday we will build the insulating layer, and prepare the outer shell mixture with  a MUD STOMP. We will have some food and music and light the rocket stove.

More spaces are available, should anyone like to come along. 3-6pm Sat 16, and again on the 23rd

We have a booklet to explain the construction process,  how to manage the fire, how to use a wood fire for baking, maintenance and recipes.


Some Garden Planning



To make decision making and propagation planning easier, as well as clarity for visitors/harvesters and new members, here is a suggested rotation plan (8yr cycle) for the vegetable bed area between the panama berry & the herb beds.

Vines have been planted to the west of the beds as in the original plan


Garden Rotation








creating raised planting beds: hugelkultur

A suggestion to help  improve growing conditions for our plants, particularly  the fruit trees, is to raise the planting level with the hugelkultur method. For us the main benefit would be improved drainage- but here are the other advantages: water retention;warmer soil; builds soil fertility; creates micro climates; recycles organic matter on site; less bending over.

hugelkultur for blogg 2

from ‘edible landscapes’

Kerryn and Peter have started a mound (swale) with a ditch behind to collect water run off, near the front gate. We can keep adding and increasing each week, ready for fruit tree planting……. we can probably go  higher with the one we have started. hugelkultur for blogg

Orchard Plan


Incredible Community – Incredible Edible

An inspiring TED talk by Pam Wahurst of Todmorden England. Community vision, communication and determination.


Get involved – Join A Garden Sub-committee

Spring is here there’s plenty to do, so its time to get some more hands on deck.

Now we have Team Leaders for our sub-committees we need you to get involved with an area of garden development that interests you.

If you live in the local area and neighbouring suburbs of Thirroul and would like to be involved in the grassroots development of the garden then please join one of the sub-committees below by emailing your details to :

Sub-Committee                               Team Leader

Fundraising and Events                                Kazie Bent

Bushcare                                                             Vicki Marchant

Water                                                                    Ian Miles

Documentation and Arts                              Camille Favoloro

Soil Health/ Compost                                    Paddy Lane 

Site Co-ordinator                                             Robert Haley

Education                                                            Paddy Lane

Communications and social media          Julie Reed 

Structures                                                           Andrew Saunders

UPDATE – August – September 2012

Hello Gardeners,

August 26th saw a group of keen participants meet to discuss the garden site plan and plants ideas for the Southern half of our very extensive site at High St Reserve.
We now own and will soon erect an under cover area, called a Cola along with 2 water collection tanks due to be installed by end September all funded by a Government Grant.
There is much to get started and completed as we have set ourselves a target date of September 23rd Spring Equinox for an Open Day at the site with ceremonial garden bed building and planting. There are plans for food and a cake stall and please let us know if you can donate a cake or some time to help out. More info on this will be supplied in the coming weeks.
The aim is to build 3 herb spirals on the day – donations of materials and herb seedlings very much appreciated.
Please come along and meet the crew who have been working so very hard at getting this garden ” in the ground”. Information about memberships, Garden design and future activities will be available on the day, with committee members happy to talk about their experience and expectations of the Thirroul Community Garden Project.
Please take a look at some new pages listed here on the blog that show some of the work we have accomplished this month and also information about upcoming projects. We really need volunteers and new members to come on board to help make the garden a success. There is a lot to do and doing it together helps bond friendships and community.
Whats new under:
Planning and Design – Garden Design Plans, Stages Schedule, Materials List for Herb Spirals
Plant Notes – Ground Plan Plant List
ON SITE Every Sunday 9.30am – What you need to know
Regional Sustainability – Events and Education in the Region
Events – OPEN DAY September 22nd 2012

Garden Design Session – Meeting Minutes Aug 26 2012

Garden Design Session – Meeting Minutes Aug 26 2012


Garden Design Meeting This Sunday 26 August

It’s all happening! This afternoon (Friday), the COLA materials were delivered to the site! Paul, Andrew and the construction team will be arranging to have it erected as soon as we’ve got confirmation from council about how to construct. (If council require, we’ll need a licensed contractor, otherwise our construction team will be getting busy next weekend!)

The compost is brewing nicely – see more in Paddy’s report from the compost room below.

Also in Paddy’s note, some thoughts and preparation for our Garden Design workshop, which Paddy will be leading on Sunday August 26 from 11 am in her workshop/shed at the back of her Hospital Road Bulli premises (enter from DUMBRELL ROAD – look for the TCG sign and the ballooons shortly after you enter Dumbrell from L.H. Drive in Bulli).

Please bring along lunch to share while we design.If you can, head on down to the garden site (9:30 – 10:30 Sunday – every Sunday) first to turn, augment, and ooh and ah, sniff and examine our lovely compost heap (now incorporating pedigree pony poo!). Bring a treat to add to the compost – see Paddy’s suggested gift list for the compost heap below.

Cheers ! Julie

And now – Paddy’s message, written after last Sunday’s compost day:

News from the compost room

Hello fellow gardeners, we had a very productive time with the compost beast today, it is smelling lovely, hot, friable and a number of worms & mini beasts were present. Also it seems while we are on the subject of beasts, Trevor our neighbour is host at the moment to some little ponies- the little girl inside that always wanted a horse is feeling a little bit sated- they are so cute. I,’m not sure how long they are there for, but having access to their manure will be fantastic.

In terms of the compost it is breaking down fairly quickly and it needs to be added too very regularly. I have noticed some bags of green waste outside a house in Lachlan street and went in to ask them if we could have for the garden but no one was home. I guess it would be great if people could continue to bring some offering to the hungry beast each week- anything that was once living is a good rule to go by- this includes:

  • grass clippings
  • green and brown fruit and veggie scraps
  • leaves- Not too many Eucalypt leaves
  •  cuttings & prunings
  • crushed eggshells
  • vacuum cleaner dust
  • tea & coffee
  • hair
  • small twigs( no bigger than a finger width)
  • chicken or guinea pig litter
  • straw, shredded paper and sawdust.

It is best not to add bread, citrus or meat at this stage to ensure it does not attract too much vermin- once we have chooks we can dispose of ALL food waste.  Like anything, the compost needs diversity.  Too much of any one thing will cause an imbalance.

We are thinking of making up a flyer to give to all the local businesses asking them to collect their waste on a Saturday and leave it in a sealed container for collection on a Sunday, that might not happen for a while so in the meantime, let your neighbours and waste-wise friends and family know they can bring organic waste on Sunday mornings from 9.30 onwards.

So while we are busy making lovely soil we are also heading towards next weekend, where after the compost turning on Sunday morning we will be meeting at my house- or rather my back shed- please enter via Dumbrell Rd which runs parallel to Hospital road heading south. I am the carport next to the creek and will have some balloons hanging.

I thought it would be good for everyone to reflect on the wish list that we came up with during our first planning meeting. This is the comprehensive list of what we discussed, so perhaps between now and then can everyone think about how we might put together the parts of the puzzle. Being mindful of the aspect- winds- sun- water (boggy areas), slope of the land etc. Thinking about Planting guilds would be useful also- this is the list- randomly typed from our mind map:

  • consult Aboriginal community to Welcome and name suggestions
  • transition town
  • seating circle
  • food forest: fruit , nuts, berries, bush tucker
  • healthy soil- compost, companion planting
  • flowers, sunflowers, edible flowers
  • community education
  • self sufficient
  • worm farms, chooks, bees & native bees
  • eating space- bread oven
  • older people and kids space
  • market garden, produce swap and share
  • meandering path fruit maze
  • permaculture principals
  • swales, earthworks
  • community art projects-sculptures, signage
  • organic pest management
  • accessible gardens

Please email any ideas or thoughts before Sunday especially if you are unable to attend. Have a happy week and do a rain dance.

Shine o!