AGM Meeting Minutes July 29 2012

Better Late then never –

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AGM Minutes July 29 2012 

These are the new Committee Members and Sub-committee Officers:

Secretary                                                             Fiona Chanter 

Treasurer                                                            Paul Harradence

Chairperson                                                       Julie Reed

Fundraising and Events                                  Kazie Bent

Bushcare                                                             Vicki Marchant

Membership and Database                         Greg Robinson

Water                                                                    Ian Miles

(Greg Wilms and Colin La Flamme to assist)

Documentation and Arts                              Camille Favoloro

Soil Health/ Compost                                    Paddy Lane (Jenny Johnson)

Site Co-ordinator                                             Robert Haley

(coordinates planting, propagation )

Education                                                            Paddy Lane(Kaz assist)

Communications and social media          Julie Reed (Vicki Marchant to assist)

Structures                                                           Andrew Saunders