Meeting this Sunday and Tuesday! (Revised)

Happy New Year Gardeners!

After a busy, dry and hot summer break were getting back into the garden and having our first Pizza Sunday/ Tuesday and meeting this weekend.

Gardening from 10am (or a little earlier to avoid the heat if you are able) followed by pizza and a meeting to discuss watering, planting and rabbit proofing among other things.

Please bring along pizza dough and toppings. If there is a total fire ban in place bring along something to share and we’ll still have a meeting.

Same again for the Tuesday afternoon group.

Looking forward to seeing you at the garden soon!

[NOTE: We have decided to cancel pizza for the Sunday as the weather is predicted to be too hot. Please bring along a plate of something to share and we will still have our meeting – hopefully we can fire up the pizza oven for Tuesday]

Open Day call out!

Preparations are in full swing for our upcoming Open day on Sunday 27 October at the garden.

Following a woodfire pizza fuelled planning session we are now on the lookout for volunteers to cook up some sharable meals to be sold on the day – things like curry, spanikopita, soup etc.

Send us a quick email at, speak with Rhiannon at the garden or pop a message on the whatsapp group if you’re able to help out.

Sharon and Geoff are also cooking up a storm, with various marmalades and jams on the go. If you have any small glass jars, excess fruit or even sugar you would like to donate, please get in touch with Sharon on 0434 039 156.

There will also be a garden clean up/ event set-up on Saturday 26 October.

More details soon!

Gardening, pizza and Open Day planning

Hello Gardeners!

Somehow a whole month has gone by since our AGM, spring is well and truly here, and it’s meeting and pizza time again.

Please join us at the garden from 10am this Sunday 6 October for composting, weeding and planting followed by a pizza lunch and our monthly meeting.

To be discussed: Our upcoming Open Day fundraiser on Sunday 27 October. We’ll be looking for volunteers, items to sell and the like.

Have a think about how you might be able to contribute and we’ll see you on Sunday!

We will also be having pizza again on Tuesday 8 October after our regular gardening session, so if you can’t make Sunday please join us then (or come to both!)