Planning 2018:

We are loosely following the original garden plan.

ENTRY AREA: is kept open for unloading and loading, buckets and cardboard and for service vehicle access, such as clearing the creek. Recent drainage problems caused by RMS clearing, have been solved mounding and by running a shallow drain across the site. Pumpkin, sweet potato and watermelon can sprawl here.

ORCHARD: Fruiting trees including olives and citrus, pomegrante, moringa, panama berry. Some understorey herbs and vegetables, eventually self seeding.

VEGETABLES (SOUTH): Rabbit proof fence area, beds under a 8 year cycle rotation. We are still experimenting and learning what works best. This year we planted a ‘green manure’ of rye and vetch in one of the areas.

rOTATION 2017   Garden Rotation 

VEGETABLES (MIDDLE): The area north of the covered area has some perennial plantings, elderflower, bananas, some fruit trees, and then rows of rabbit resistant, and larger space vegetables- potato, artichoke, fennel, onions, tomatoes. There is no strict rotation here, but we will avoid same family.

COMPOST: 3-4 rotating mounds of compost. Some perennial beds- asparagus and strawberries.

North of the compost are fruit trees (banana, mulberry, prunus sp) TCG_OrchardMap

VEGETABLES (NORTH): The addition of a tank in this area has allowed us to plant it out. Rabbit proof fence area, beds again under a 8 year cycle rotation. This area is slightply more protected, and shaded.

Chickens: Chickens (8) are moved about to dig and clean up bugs.Chicken Tractor






2 thoughts on “THE GARDEN

  1. I like this garden, it’s nice, the people are friendly and it’s doing all the right things.

    Perhaps workshops

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