Planning Process – Jan 2012

January 2012

This page documents the planning process for the Thirroul Community Garden and Bushcare Group.

1. community consultation – several consultation meetings were held in 2010.

2. site visits – core group members visited sites at Bluehaven Kiama, Port Kembla Laneways, North Wollongong (The Garden), Warrawong public and high schools, Cringila Public School. See Photos

3. wish list – shed (storage/water harvesting/shade), composting systems/mulch/worm farm, water tank/storage, pathways/access, swale/watercourse, seating circle with fire pit, seats/meeting spaces, outdoor oven and cooking area, fruit trees/guilds, vegetable and herb gardens, bush regeneration along Hewitts Creek

4. governance and management plan – values/ethics, structure, decision-making, conflict resolution; auspicing from Thirroul Community Neighbourhood Centre, meeting schedule, fund raising.

5. concept plan – scale map of key areas/features and structures, plan of management, risk assessment (E2 submission to Wollongong Council)TCG_Concept Design TCG_Plan

5b. Development Application – as the chosen site is in a flood zone and we plan to build structures and other features a DA was required. This was submitted in January 2012 – TCG Development Application

6. detailed design – plant selection, garden beds, guilds, seating, structures

7. start bush regeneration – induction day, form group/membership, mulch, weed identification and removal, plant natives/bush food plants along creek

8. build the garden – source compost, mulch, building materials, storage, create garden beds/mounds, build seating, compost bays, worm farms, mulch pathways,

9. community activities, education and maintenance – schedule community, education and fund raising events, seasonal events with other community gardens, network and share.

* Thanks to Aaron Sorensen for his advice and sharing approaches used at The Garden for this planning process.


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