Plant Notes 

Herb Spiral: basils (greek, thai, sweet, purple), thyme, rosemary, lavendar, vietnamese mint, sage, farrow

Citris along swale/damp course to ensure good watering; reeds/grasses

Guilds: Tropical – bananas, pawpaw, macadamia (crinkly leaf variety is higher yielding), salvias

South American Guild:

Borders: comfrey – pest control and compost catalyst

Vegetables & Annual Fruits: tomatoes, silverbeet, eggplant, pumpkin, rockmelon, zucchini, cucumber, beans, snowpeas … plant seasonally

Canna (?particular variety) for mulching material; bamboo (clumping varieties for screens/mulch/building material – NOT tropical varieties as these run)

* Diversity – dense planting for protection and carbon sink


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